Gymnast, Nude Yoga guru and Big Boss Wild Card entrant Vivek Mishra

Sometime you just love to hate someone. Some of the Babas’ and politicians are prime examples, whom you can’t ignore and can’t even resist confrontation. To this huge list of avoidable personalities(mostly due to some Babas’ like Asaram and Nityanand Swami), one more added recently in my list, he is the new wild card entrant into Big Boss season 7, Vivek Mishra from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Nude Yoga guru, gymnast, big boss entrant vivek mishra
Nude Yoga guru, gymnast, big boss entrant vivek mishra

Update: Vivek has been eliminated from Big Boss season 7 after staying there for a week or so. Vivek said in an interview “I had a mind blowing experience inside the Bigg Boss house. And I am glad that I am the same, I have not lost sanity. I enjoyed every bit of my stay and if given a chance I would love to come back”.

Vivek is professionally a gymnast who has represented India at many international events and levels. Vivek has taken part into Commonwealth games and Asian games in 2006. Vivek has also been nominated for Laxman award for the year 2009-2010.

Vivek was last named in Gymnastic team for commonwealth games 2010. Vivek got famous for his gymnastic activities and representation at the international levels through commonwealth games and Asian games, but is now much more infamous due to his indecent activities with his own students who come to learn Nude Yoga from him.

There are 1000s of images around the web, Vivek with a bikini clad girl in a very indecent pose.

Probably Vivek en-cashing his popularity with his pinch of gymnast talent and enjoying his life for full.
Vivek has now been approached by Bollywood and hopefully we may see him on small or big screens in near future.
There is also a sad incident attached to Vivek’s life-
According to Vivek, he has been raped by ex- husband of Shweta Tiwari (Winner of 4th season Big Boss) Raja Choudhary.

What a shame !, now men getting raped by men. I feel very sorry for Vivek being victimized for a crime like rape. 🙁

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