Google Boy, mini Encyclopedia or call him a genius child Kautilya Pandit – Sometimes I ask myself, where is God and why don’t he come up and shows his presence to us and there I come up with a live example which makes me spell bound, I just get stark and numb to the God. Recently I was going through some videos on YouTube and I found a video posted by Zee News titled “Google Boy Kautilya”.

I couldn’t pass through it without watching the whole and I did what I think god wanted me to do. It was sheer wonder I saw, a magic, a boy of not even 5 years old was answering the questions which I couldn’t even at this age. What a guy, simply a magic show was going through. Kautilya Pandit who hails from Kohand village of Karnal district in Haryana was born on 24th December 2007. The guy Kautilya is having a photographic memory which helps him memorizing the things very quickly and easily. It is believed that Kautilya will be having an IQ of around 130, which is considered very high at his age group children.

Kautilya has memorized the whole of atlas which his teacher gave him to learn, when teacher asked about the content she got amazed to know that he has memorized each and every bit of atlas with correct data. Kautilya can tell you the GDP, per-capita income, geographical boundaries in any order, space, politics and anything you ask about the subject.

Kautilya loves to dance and he also like to write poem and articles. He wishes to complete his education first and then would love to be a astronaut, doctor, Engineer or scientist, whatever it would suit him best.

On account of Children’s day special episode Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has asked Kautilya Pandit to come to his set of “Kaun Banega crorepati”. Kautilya will be accompanied by Actress Kajol and all the finalist of Indian Idol Junior at the hot seat opposite to Amitabh Bachchan.

Kautilya treats Chanakya (ancient professor of Economics) as his Guru and he wants to be witty like him and he also love to have a pony tail similar to him. He has shaved his hairs and is growing a pony tail similar to Chanakya’s.

Kautilya’s father: Satish Sharma
Kautilya’s Grand Father: Jai Krishan Sharma
School: SD Harit Modern School

Psychologist from Kurukshetra University has approached Kautilya for some research and memory test, Kautilya has already surprised many researchers before and they have marked him a child genius.

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