Arunima Sinha First Indian Amputee to Climb Mt Everest

Arunima Sinha First amputee to Climb Mt. Everest
Arunima Sinha First amputee to Climb Mt. Everest

Indoscopy – “Himmat-e-marda toh madad-e- khuda” God help those, who help themselves. You never know, what’s going next and what may happen to your life, next moment? This life is full of unexpected tides, tides of happiness, tides of sorrowfulness.  And this is common to all, everyone suffers these high and low tides in their life.

Today i’m going to write a story, which is really a benchmark in inspiration, motivation, goal setting or anything you like to get from this. Story of a 25 year old girl Arunima Sinha, who resisted chain snatching in a train (Padmati Express), Arunima who was travelling from Lucknow to Delhi that time in a general compartment of that train on 12th April 2011. She had never thought of anything like this, could happen to her, she was thrown out of a running train. Arunima suffered serious injuries in her legs and pelvic region. Somehow she was rushed to a nearby hospital and her life saved, but her life cost her leg to be amputated. Doctor’s had no other way but to amputate her left leg below her knee.

Arunima was a fighter she thought to fight and to do something which even normal and healthy people too don’t dare to do. She thought to Climb the Mount Everest while she was just had started recovering and she was bed ridden in the hospital that time too.

She knew she could not run like again ever, she could not play her favorite sport Volleyball again, but she knew she can climb the Mt. Everest. She had determined this, she has to fulfill her wish, she has to live a life of a proud amputee. She had to prove the world that disabled are not for sympathy, disabled don’t need to be pitied. She had to prove that disability with physical part don’t make them disabled mentally.

Arunima joined Tata Steel Adventure foundation and started her training under the guidance of Bacchendri Pal, the first woman to climb Mt. Everest. Arunima last year that is in 2012 scaled Chhamser Kaangri 6622 mtr high mountain in Laddakh.

But Arunima had miles to go before she stops and she knew it’s just a leap in her dream, her ultimate goal was still to be conquered. Arunima on 20th May 2013 made history, she became the first ever Indian amputee woman to scale 8848 mtr. high Everest. 

She not only made hope, she not only proved that disability is not a menace, she not only proved that woman can do anything they like, she not only set a standard, but she excelled in every aspect, she proved the world that anything can be achieved, it’s just need a will to achieve.

Salute to these kind of brave people, who defying all odds cheered and made many others to cheer by setting a goal in their mind.

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