Thursday, October 20, 2016


Yes, we want it now, although never wanted it before, WE WANT #DIGITALBANONPAKISTAN

We want to face our martyred soldiers when they would be looking onto us from heaven after their heavenly sacrifices.

It's not that we ever wanted a ban, or any such blot on Pakistan as a whole, instead we loved you more than we loved our own artists be it Nusrat Sahab, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, String band, Jal Band, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam and the latest heartthrob of most of our ladies Fawad Khan. We also had fans to the ladies out their be it Gul Panna, Momina Mustehsan, Qurat-ul-ain Balouch.

But its now onto you do whatever you can, pressurize your puppet govt under the name of Pakistan Muslim League or throw the real bastard "Raheel Sharif", execute these terrorist there "Hafiz Saeed" and "Masood Azhar". And one more he is not yours but our terrorist hiding in your safe haven which you have created to nurture terrorist there, Dawood Ibrahim. Do these NOW to get back our faith on you, we have left with no faith on you.

What not we did, Samjhauta Express by our beloved former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, our current PM visited your states without any formal appointments and ignored hundreds of cease fires from your side just to make you realize we don't want fight but peace in the valleys, but you mistook our patience.

It's high time you guys need to understand why you not able to mark your presence in the world, it's because of the blotted tent like cover spread all over the existence of Pakistan by the safe haven you have provided to the terrorists there in Pakistan.

We are the major source of income to your artists, your cinema houses, our Bollywood give you 70% of the total market you have in entertainment industry. We breed you by watching your TV Serials, YouTube channels, following your artists, else you wouldn't have any digital presence anywhere in the world. It's only because of Indian Govt who are issuing Visa to you and we the people who liking your YouTube Channels and watching Coke Studio 9, which has more fans in India than the whole of your population.
India wants digital ban on Pakistan

We cannot watch our martyred Soldiers family crying and you laughing and earning on our publicity and following you. We want a complete ban onto all the digital presence of Pakistan until you throw away your puppet Govt, bastard Rahil Sharif and Hafiz Saeed. 

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