Friday, June 17, 2016

Facts - Health Gyaan


Listening to music uses the entirety of the human brain, this is one of the few activities that does this.
People who increase their water intake by 1-3 cups daily can decrease their total daily calorie intake by up to 205 calories, study shows.

Girls who mature early in life are more likely to be delinquent and emotionally aggressive later in life.

Stress makes you fat.

Emotional pain lasts for 10 to 20 minutes, anything longer is actually self-inflicted by over thinking, making things worse.

If you stay up all night, your body will burn an extra 161 calories.

Music can repair brain damage and returns lost memories.

Eating blueberries can help improve your memory.

Sarcasm makes you mentally stronger. Which is very effective when dealing with emotional stress and frustration.

The funniest people are often also the most depressed.

1 out of 5 adults urinate in public swimming pools, this is what causes the redness of the eyes, not chlorine 

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