Thursday, January 7, 2016

Only Tsu can do to Facebook what Facebook did to Orkut

I'm not saying you will start earning in millions in few days, but at least you will earn for your contents. You won't believe how much content you generate in one single day by just logging into Facebook and posting/liking/sharing either your personal images/videos or simple text messages.

Why not earn loyalty for your generated contents. is a social network service launched on July 2013 by Sebastian Sobczack.
Facebook sensed the potential of the idea of and is going all the way out to get it removed from the minds of it's users. First Facebook tried blocking its link shared on Facebook, then even scrapped out it's mentioning on Facebook platform and then termed the link of to be spammed. But due to Facebook user's outrage, Facebook finally had to allow posting the links of on Facebook platform from December 2015.

The social network is getting stronger and firm with each coming day and users are seen migrating towards a social network which values their content, ownership and pays for the revenue generated from their content.

As per, user gets the 90% of the revenue generated from the content while only takes 10% for hosting the platform. is 100% legal and legitimate site verified from all the sources, you can check the same on Wiki, Alexa, Google or from whatever NEWS channel you follow or trust.

I wish you to see on first of it's kind social network.
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