Sunday, November 29, 2015

Media selectivity on reporting AAP Govt's Activities

Media selectivity on reporting AAP Govt's activities - Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill & Citizen Amendment Bill for time bound delivery of services to Citizens.

Few days ago Aam Aadmi Party came out with their Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill, few media houses managed to give their 20 - 30 minutes coverage in the entire day when it was first drafted and declared(On 18th of Nov. 2015).

Now all of a sudden on 28th Nov'15 Prashant Bhushan came tearing the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill saying this is the biggest fraud and Joke to the people of Delhi as what is served under the name of Delhi Jan Lokpal is not the actual Bill which had been drafted during Anna movement but the revised one which will give the tyrant powers to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. The other side of the report says Poet and AAP party campaigner Dr. Kumar Vishwas comes out defending the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill saying not even the punctuation (comma or full stop) has been modified, it's the exact replica of what was drafted at the Jantar Mantar rally of Anna Hazare.

How silly it sounds na! in this Digital world people are fighting for comparing two files(JanLokpal Bill draft) one says it's the exact copy of what was drafted at the rally and other saying it's modified, Just use the diff command guys on Unix box (Sorry for technicality, very much used to this command). All punctuations will come out like "दूध and पानी ". --**

Now back to Media or rather #paidmedia - (Interestingly these days everyone saying media #PaidMedia irrespective of their political interest).
--** This concern of Prashant Bhushan becomes the hottest topic of the debate and all of a sudden the same media houses who didn't even bother to report the drafting of Delhi JanLokpal on 18th November set on fire and telecasted the #JanLokPal episode in hour long episodes as #MahaJokepal as coined by Prashant Bhushan ji.

This shows the selectivity of reports and biased media reporting prevalent these days in India.

Now yesterday Aam Aadmi Party drafted their Citizen Charter Bill again which was promised during the formation of AAP Govt. in Delhi and also this is the same Citizen Charter Bill which was first voiced at the Jantar Mantar rally of Anna Hazare on April 2011.

Again no media coverage, Oh sorry Media was busy broadcasting the #MahaJokepal Bill how come they be able to find a slot of even 10 - 20 minutes for reporting the Delhi Govt's Citizen Amendment Bill For Time Bound Delivery Of Services To Citizens. You know how hectic these media people these days are, they also have the equal right to take selfies. #SelfieWithPM

#जय हिन्द !!

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