Sunday, July 26, 2015

Salman Khan defends Yakub Memon's hanging

In my last article, my concern was, if Yakub Memon deserves to be hanged as we all Indian agrees to it, we also agree to some other's execution.

I had suggested Babu Bajrangi's name, prime accused of Naroda Patiya Massacre, Swami Aseemanand's name, prime accused in Ajmer Sharif Blast, Malegaon blast, Mecca Masjid blast and Samjhauta Express bombings.

Today Bollywood actor Salman Khan came out defending Yakub Memon's hanging and in turn urging parading and hanging of Tiger Memon, who actually was directly involved in execution of 12th March 1993 blast in Bombay.

Salman Khan tweeted his stand on Yakub:
Salman Khan also urged Pakistan's PM Nawaz Sharif to handover Tiger Memon who actually deserves the fate, Yakub Memon is designed to face.

Prime accused of Bombay blasts were Dawood Ibrahim, his brother Anees Ibrahim and Tiger Memon, they all are hiding in Pakistan and what Indian govt doing is, hanging the man who was not directly involved in the blast but had helped financially and had helped some escape to Dubai and Pakistan after bombing.
Yakub was coming back to India to surrender along with his family for his indirect involvement in the Bombay blast and to put his stand in front of the judiciary as per the key investigating officer of CBI and R&AW B. Raman. 

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