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Of course, Yakub Memon deserves to be hanged - Every Indian Muslim agree to this.

And, you say why some radicals raising there voice for an anti-national Yakub Memon's hanging?

Of course, Yakub Memon deserves to be hanged - Every Indian Muslim agree to this.

But how many also believe and agree to the point of hanging Babubhai patel aka Babu Bajrangi, for his inhuman and barbaric killings of 97 people by throwing them on a large pit and burning them all.

May be few, But our judiciary who believes he was not that merciless, that he cannot be granted mercy and that too 6th time bail (Read here) to his sufferings of course, he was so keenly showing mercy to the Naroda Patiya massacre. (Read Here).

He along with his other charras (mobs) rammed into each and every minority houses he could enter, fired at the cylinders, burned whole of families alive all together while some of his other Bajrang Dal members raping the young girls and then killing instantly after they suffice their thirst of raping minors. Slit a pregnant woman's womb, snatch the fetus out and hanged the fetus on the Trishul, he carrying. How merciful act he did, which deserves to be bailed out and that too for 6 times. Amazing!! isn't it.

Still if you don't feel him so brutal?, that three judges got replaced who were hearing his case (Read here). What not, rammed a fully diesel loaded truck to a mosque and burned the whole of Mosque, felt like "Maharana Pratap" after vandalizing crores and crores of public property and butchering, raping and killing hundreds of innocents.

What do you want minorities to forget? This incident. Trust me, if you can, not all but most of us had forgotten the deadly and ferocious day of (28th February) Naroda Patiya and Godhra massacre. But what hurts is at one side you say Judiciary is equal for everyone and on the other side we don't see any one going to be hanged from majority group. Why NOT?

Criminals are from all backgrounds, treat them just like criminals and not categorically basing on the ideology to which he/she belongs to.

Now, you may say it takes time to hang someone, just in the case of Yakub Memon who informally got picked up from Kathmandu, while he was all prepared coming to India and surrender himself as per the key officer of the investigating team of counter terrorist and member of R&AW (Research & analysis wing). (Read here).

If it takes time why none of the Kar Sevaks who allegedly demolished the 16th century Babri Masjid on 6th December 1992 are serving life times at least (Read here), this would have given a strong message to others who would have planned any such similar activities. Only Yakub Menon's hanging can give a strong signal to the world that how India deals with the accused of terrorizing acts.

Why still Swami Aseemanand accused of planning Ajmer Sharif, Mecca Masjid, 2006 Malegaon blast and 2007 Samjhauta Express Bombings not being hanged yet?

Just listing many other names including criminals of all ideologies won't help and is not going to change any one's mind, but for certainly this will change your thinking about fair trials of judiciary in India.


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