Sunday, June 21, 2015

Why India still tagged to be a developing nation

We are a nation of 1.2 billion, but still a developing nation.
We have the 3rd Largest Army in the world
We are among very few countries who have launched their satellites on Earth orbits (Only 9 nations).
We are the 4th nation in terms of numbers of billionaires, with 90+ billionaires.
We are the biggest IT capitals of the modern world, with exporting Software to more than 90+ countries
We are 9th biggest nation in terms of nominal GDP
And there are many more records to boast of, but still we are the nation of 500+ million who live below poverty line and out of which 2.5 million die of hunger every year.
There are more such records listed below which you will never want to see, tagged to India.
Malnourished children in India
Malnourished children in India

These world records makes Indians cry :((
  1. Highest number of malnourished children. One in three lives in India. About 60% of Indian children are malnourished.
  2. Highest number of female child infanticide in the history of world
  3. Highest number of people living below poverty line (about more than 500 million)
  4. India is filthiest of all countries in the world
  5. Largest number of people who do not have access to toilets.
  6. Largest number of people who do not have access to drinkable water.
  7. Number one in Global Hunger Index. Some states in India are worse than Sudan and Somalia.
  8. India ranks 85th in corruption, among 175 countries with Denmark(1st) being least Corrupt.
  9. India ranks 177th in literacy rate, with Finland(1st) having highest literacy rate of 100%.
  10. Highest number of farmers committed suicide than in anywhere in the world.
farmers committing suicide in India highest than anywhere in the world
farmers suicide in India highest than anywhere in the world

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