Sunday, June 14, 2015

A festival celebrated for Son in laws in Bengal - Jamai Shasti

Jamai Sashti 2015 date is May 24
A beautiful festival called ‘Jamai Shasti’ is celebrated in Kolkata(Paschim Benga) which displays beautiful bonding of son-in-law with his in-laws. The traditional festival of Jamaishasthi originated ages ago as a part of a women's socio-religious duty. The son-in-law is called 'Jamai' and 'Shasti' means sixth, thus the festival is observed on sixth day of shukla paksh in Jyestha month(May - June) of traditional Hindu calendar.
Sons-in-law are invited and honored on the day by the in-laws and is social custom in Bengal. Mother-in-laws cook special dishes especially Hilsa fish on the day.
The son-in-law is traditionally welcomed to the house(in-laws or 'Shoshur bari'), applied a "phota" of curd on his forehead and a yellow thread is tied on the right hand wrist. The thread is coloured yellow with turmeric and is called ‘Shashti Suto’ which have blessing of Ma Shashti who takes care of children. Son-in-law is presented gifts, sweets and fruits and he too gives gifts to the mother-in-law. Then mother-in-law performs the ritual in which a plate having six fruits is touched with the Jamai’s forehead.

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