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Avtar Singh Mauni, from Patiala, Punjab holds the record for the longest turban in the world

Avtar Singh Mauni, from Patiala, Punjab holds the record for the longest turban in the world. The turban's cloth Avtar singh wears alone weighs 30 kgs along with it, he wears decorative ornaments which adds another 15 kgs to it, sums to more than 45 kgs of headgear he carries on his head. Avtar Singh likes to wear purple and orange cloth turban or 'Pagdi' which stretches to as long as 645 metres, when unwrapped - turban could be double the height of Eiffel tower of Paris.
Avtar Singh Mauni needs a staggering six hours to don his 'pagdi' (pride and joy).

The 645m creation has taken 16 years to assemble and Avtar says he took the length up in stages from 150m to 250m, 365m and finally a shocking 645m.
It means the 60 year old holy man is carrying around half a quintal of load on his head every day.
Most other Sikhs wear turbans that measure between 5-7m, but Avtar Singh decided to take it to a whole new level.

The length of the cloth is yet to be officially verified…

All about the Surya Namaskar - Yoga Steps

Surya Namaskar, an age-old yogic practice, is a comprehensive exercise, which contributes to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The namaskar is an obeisance to the Sun God or Surya. Surya namaskar is normally performed early in the morning, at daybreak, or in the evening, when the sun is setting. It is accompanied by a specific breathing pattern and chanting of mantras.

Steps of Surya Namaskar

• There are 3 forms of surya namaskar. Surya namaskar A and B are fast-paced and part of Ashtanga yoga.

• Surya namaskar A - This form of yoga comprises 11 steps, to be performed with each leg.

• Surya namaskar B - This form of yoga comprises 19 steps, to be performed with each leg. This form of exercise is characterized by a warrior pose.

• Surya namaskar C - This traditional form of yoga comprises of 12 steps, which is performed with each leg.

There are 12 basic steps of surya namaskar. These steps vary with different types of surya namaskars. The following steps, specific…

Ambubachi Mela of Kamakhaya temple in Assam began - 22 June 2015

Ambubachi Mela is the most important and popular festival at the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam. Ambubachi Mela is also known as the Ameti or the Tantric fertility festival and has a close association with the tantric rituals and practices.

The door of the Shakti shrine will remain closed from tonight till the 26th June. All the necessary preparations have been made to welcome lakhs of devotees from across the globe to the shrine.

The Ambubachi Mela is an annual Hindu mela held at Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam. It is the celebration of the yearly menstruation course of goddess Kamakhya. It is believed that Devi Kamakhya, the Mother Shakti, goes through her annual cycle of menstruation during this time stretch. There is no idol of the presiding deity but she is worshipped in the form of a yoni-like stone instead over which a natural spring flows.This mela is also known as Ameti or Tantric fertility festival since it is closely associated with Tantric Shakti cult prevalent in e…

International day of Yoga is being celebrated across 191 countries in the world - 21st June 2015.

"International day of Yoga" is being celebrated across 191 countries in the world today - 21st June 2015.
International day of Yoga is an initiative by the current PM of India Shri Narendra Modi who appeals to the United Nation councils to celebrate 21st June as the International Day Of Yoga.
With a record 177 countries in the motion to the PMs appeal, UN adopted 21st June as the "International Day Of Yoga".
Narendra Modi lead the 37,000 people coming from all across the cities of India to perform Yoga on 21st June at Rajpath.
Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley are in USA to lead the Yoga celebrations there. State chief ministers leading the Yoga Asanas in their states.
Art of Living Founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said that yoga is not just about asanas, but "a state of mind where you have a sense of responsibility for the whole planet." He also appeals to the critics to keep yoga above politics.

Below are the images from International Day Of Yoga celebration …

Why India still tagged to be a developing nation

We are a nation of 1.2 billion, but still a developing nation.
We have the 3rd Largest Army in the world
We are among very few countries who have launched their satellites on Earth orbits (Only 9 nations).
We are the 4th nation in terms of numbers of billionaires, with 90+ billionaires.
We are the biggest IT capitals of the modern world, with exporting Software to more than 90+ countries
We are 9th biggest nation in terms of nominal GDP
And there are many more records to boast of, but still we are the nation of 500+ million who live below poverty line and out of which 2.5 million die of hunger every year.
There are more such records listed below which you will never want to see, tagged to India.

These world records makes Indians cry :((
Highest number of malnourished children. One in three lives in India. About 60% of Indian children are malnourished.Highest number of female child infanticide in the history of worldHighest number of people living below poverty line (about more than 50…

Two brothers from Pratapgarh, UP, who cleared IIT exams got helping hands

Raju (18) and Brijesh (19), sons of a daily wager, have cleared the IIT Advanced examinations earlier this week but faced financial odds to pursue their dream.
Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, today(20th June'15), spoke to two brothers over the phone and assured them all help.
"Congratulations to all those who cracked the IIT. Spoke to Brijesh & Raju from Pratapgarh on their tremendous success against all odds,(1/2)" Gandhi said on Twitter.

Proud of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas for discovering talent from rural areas and giving them such a wonderful springboard." Both Raju and Brijesh studied at Navodaya Vidyalaya of Pratapgarh(2/2)
Congratulations to all those who cracked the IIT. Spoke to Brijesh &Raju from Pratapgarh on their tremendous success against all odds (1/2) — Office of RG (@OfficeOfRG) June 20, 2015 According to media reports, the father of the two students, Dharamraj Saroj, was in need of Rs 1 lakh to pay for his sons' admission f…

Amazing Miracles of Lord Jagannath Temple still seen in Puri

Amazing Miracles of Lord Jagannath Temple still seen in Puri:

Flag on the top of temple always flaps in opposite direction of air.From any place in Puri, you will always find the Sudarshan Chakra (Chakra at the top of Temple) facing you.Normally during day-time, air comes from sea to land and during evening, the vice-versa occurs. But in Puri it’s totally opposite.No bird or planes fly above the Temple.The shadow of the main dome is invisible at any time of the day.The quantity of cooked food inside the Temple remains same for the entire year. But that same quantity of prasadam can feed to few thousand people during any usual day to 20 lac people generally seen on Rath Yatra. Still it never get wasted or lag.In the Temple kitchen, 7 pots are kept on each other and cooked on firewood. In this process the contents in the top pot get cooked first and then the bottom one.After entering from Singhadwara’s first step (from inside of the Temple), you can’t hear any sound produced by the ocea…

The Little girl from Pakistan of Bajrangi Bhaijaan - Harshali Malhotra

Since the launch of the teaser of Salman Khan's "Bajrangi Bhaijaan", a little girl has caught the fancy of fans. This girl appeared in the teaser before powerhouses Salman and Kareena Kapoor Khan, which proves how crucial she is to the plot of the film. Kareena said the girl was the "real star of the film" and she didn't mind it.

The little girl is none other Harshali Malhotra who was last seen in the TV show "Laut Aao Trisha" in which she played Bhagyashree’s younger daughter.

Harshali, in fact, has done several ads inluding that of Pears, Haier and many others but this (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) will be her big Bolly break.

Ramadan Time table for New Delhi (North India), June 18 - July 18, 2015

Ramadan/Ramzaan Time table for Salah from Thursday, June 18, 2015 - Saturday, July 18, 2015.

Time table for North India which includes major cities like New Delhi, Noida, Lucknow, Meerut, Jammu, Srinagar, Allahabad, Bhopal, Aligarh, Jaipur, Bareily.
Date Day Suhur Fajr Sunrise Zohar Asar Iftar Magrib Isha 18 Thu 03:57 03:57 05:23 12:22 17:13 19:21 19:21 20:47 19 Fri 03:57 03:57 05:23 12:22