Sunday, January 25, 2015

The real hero who trespassed and dodged two biggest security agencies of the world

Barack Hussein Obama had to visit India for the 26th January 2015, Republic Day Parade. All the govt. agencies not only the Indian but America, from security to cleaning, each and every personnel involved were on their toe, had left not a single stone upturned  for smooth and successful journey of the biggest and most powerful person on earth the 'Barack Hussein Obama' the president of United States of America.
It was claimed that the conjoint security is so quintessential that even a bird can't flap a wing without their knowing. "Chidiya bhi pankh nahi maar sakti thi"
I think they focused more on sky side and forgot to check the ground reality of our bravest, omnipresent and ubiquitous street dogs who knows no barrier and can register their presence anywhere and at anytime if you have their favorite dish of chicken or mutton prepared around.
Dog entered Rashtrapati Bhavan during guard of honour given to Barack Obama

This dog entered the Rashtrapati Bhavan dodging the two most powerful security agencies of the world, while the guard of honour was given to the excellency president Obama lead by Wing Commander Pooja Thakur. May be the dog was not informed about the best of smells coming from Rashtrapati was for the excellency Barack Obama and not for him.

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