Sunday, January 4, 2015

4th January date

4th January in History:
1762 – Great Britain declares war on Spain and Naples.
1847 – Samuel Colt sells his first revolver pistol to the United States government.
1865 – The New York Stock Exchange opens its first permanent headquarters at 10-12 Broad near Wall Street in New York City.
1948 – Burma gains its independence from the United Kingdom.
1951 – Korean War: Chinese and North Korean forces capture Seoul.
1958 – Sputnik 1 falls to Earth from orbit.
1959 – Luna 1 becomes the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon.
2004 – Spirit, a NASA Mars rover, lands successfully on Mars at 04:35 UTC.
2010 – Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, is officially opened.

Who you sharing your Birthday with:
Please let us know if you know someone who celebrating their birthday today.

What some celebrating today:
Day of the Fallen against the Colonial Repression (Angola)
Day of the Martyrs (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Independence Day (Burma), celebrates the independence of Burma from the United Kingdom in 1948.
Ogoni Day (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People)

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