Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sanskrit week from 7th august to 13th August

Central board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to celebrate second week of August as the Sanskrit week. It's really a good step in promoting one of the oldest language in the world. Sanskrit is not only one of the oldest language in the world but it's also the most suited language for computers as was published on Times Magazine in the year 1988 and was suggested by most of the computer scientists of that time.
We from Indoscopy request all our readers and specially the Indian readers to post in Sanskrit, single line, para or even a statement to mark this week as the Sanskrit week. Sanskrit is our language and we only should feel it a responsibility to give our Vedas language a status it deserves.
I hope each reader who reading this would surely post a status on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any social network in Sanskrit just to show his/her love for the language Sanskrit.

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