Saturday, July 19, 2014

Go smarter with these 10 daily habits

How to be smarter with everyday habits. 
1. Try to look for a problem around you and try solving it on your own. Take for example poverty.
2. Read and be aware of your surroundings, read newspapers, find someone knowledgeable to you and discuss on some issues which interest you both.
3. Play smart games be it chess, Sudoku, 2048 scrabble or anything similar.
4. Watch inspiring and learnable videos, subscribe to khan academy, smarterEveryday YouTube channel or many other video sharing sites which has educational forums or knowledge sharing sites, as we learn more by watching and listening than to reading.
5. Read a novel or book in a week, also make a habit of writing a novel or a book.
6. Subscribe to channels or email or newsletters which interests you, like you can subscribe a word a day, I love fucking science on Facebook.
7. Visualise your whole day and try writing the same everyday, this will help you in remembering you learned all day and you will not miss any information.
8. If you happen to find someone who is knowledgeable don't hesitate to approach and talk, we sometime learn from someone much better who we know least.
9. Play devil's advocate, read some topic, chose your own particular opinion and try defending your notion through various facts and stats.
10. Become a good storage house of information, install pocket app on your phone and make a habit of storing any interesting info you get from anywhere and do check it regularly to refresh your knowledge.

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