Thursday, June 5, 2014

Zero interaction authentication secure login by Nitesh Saxena

A research headed by an Indian origin scientist at Alabama university in Birmingham working on a secure login which would end the need of password system in unlocking laptops, desktops or cars. 
This zero interaction authentication system would work with proximity, users security token and mobile number verification. Users wouldn't need to enter password instead their proximity to the device will be sensed and the required device will be unlocked. 
Though it's a secure way login but it's vulnerable to hackers who can trick it through relay attacks. According to Saxena the associate professor in the department of computer and information science this system can be made perfectly secured using sensor modalities that are commonly present on devices: wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and audio. Secondly by utilising the capabilities of using ambient physical sensors as a proximity detection mechanism and focusing mainly on ambient temperature, precision gas, humidity and altitude the system can be made very precise, accurate and secured. 

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