Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sirish Apte has the solution to irrigation problem in India

Sirish Apte of Bhandara village in Maharashtra, an executive engineer by profession reached the state govt of Maharashtra to take over the charge of maintaining Malguzaari.. 
Malguzaari is a small pond surrounded by mud walls, just like tanks. Since 1950 after the abolishment of Zamindari/Malguzaari system these water tanks or Malguzaars got abandoned as the Malguzaars came under state owned areas and govt never paid heed to maintain these. 
Sirish Apte belonging to a Malguzaar family had interest in water conservation approached Supreme Court and asked govt to maintain these Malguzaars as maintaining these Malguzaars can be very helpful to irrigation to nearby areas. 
Sirish in the year 2008 first involved into cleaning and maintaining these tanks, he walled the tanks thick and de-silted the pond by removing fine sands which again were used as fertilisers as these are rich in phosphorous and nitrogen. Sirish for the first time made a Malguzaar in Janbhora village 35 km from Bhandara.
With this the traditional system of irrigation rejuvenated and now proving to be a great solution for the irrigation problem in India.

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