Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Narendra Modi Vs freedom of speech and expression

Not sure why so many students getting arrested for their dissent over Narendra Modi. Are we Indian losing our freedom of speech and freedom of expression after Narendra Modi has been elected the PM of India. Almost daily we are listening one or two people getting arrested over making some remarks against Modi. Our constitution allows us to express our views without any restriction, we Indians have the right to regulate the right to speech and expression, we have the freedom of speech and expression. 

But Ironically i feel, Modi wouldn't have the slightest knowledge over these arrests. I'm very sure Narendra Modi personally feel bad over these arrests and all these arrests some of which may be genuine but some arrest have been made just to defame Modi. Police would be making these arrest under some political pressures and of course BJP or Modi is not at all involved.
I hope Modi will take heed of this issue and will STOP these kind of arrest of innocents and clear out the rumour of Modi being the anti to freedom of Speech and expression.

Don't try to be a prey by believing on any false news or rumours, try investigating over the news before making any convictions. PM Narendra Modi is a sensible citizen and he would never do these silly activities, further he has much more important task to perform than looking over these innocuous dissents. 

A reflex response to the title of this post, which is now a hot discussion over social sites. 

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