Sunday, June 29, 2014

China vs Narendra Modi

Few days back during election period, our present Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stated a line, very much like a lion roar, the statement was "Bharat na ankhen neechi karke baat karega na hi tarer kar, balki Ankhon mein aankhein daal kar". I think the statement was meant for China and Pakistan. 

But for sure China as well as Pakistan didn't take it seriously. And now both started infiltrating inside our territory. Pakistan violated the ceasefire while China is now hovering over Indian territory through choppers and fighter planes. There are also some evidences of their advancement into our territory via rail lines. China deliberately showing a map which includes Arunachal Pradesh as under their political territory and not only that they have included IOK ( Indian occupied Kashmir ) as their part of country.

Now the question arises, what's the next step should be for India.
Shouldn't India give a strong retaliation kind of reply? Shouldn't india raise this issue at United Nation? Shouldn't India stop bilateral agreements till they stop these kind of cheap and coward activities. If either of the nation be it China or Pakistan has guts call for a war, India has never invaded anyone but has never been a coward to step back and couldn't protect its own territory. I think govt should give a very strong retaliation to their cheap advancement.

I have a strong hope with the strong leader like Narendra Modi over this issue. I hope we shouldn't be defamed by these cheap countries at international forums. Something for sure should be done.

"China go back"

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