Friday, June 6, 2014

Are we really a developing and progressing India

Are we not developing, of course we are! 
We are now a recognised future super power, a developed nation soon. What not we have? We are now into almost every sector grown and known to the world. We are the 2nd largest army, we are 4th into aerospace, we are only next to US and china in terms of economy. We are the second fastest growing nation in the world.

But again we are the nation of largest slums, we are the nation of largest illiterate and forgotten tribals. We are still somewhere in 13th century mindset where women have no right to live, they are a toy to be played with and thrown away. We are still an accepting mindset of khaps, goons and tyranny.
What happened with two sisters in badayun, couples in duwariya, single woman in Amethi and many many more are enough to shame us and made us realise how developing we are. 
A lady conductor in full public view is beaten and made unconscious not in any small village, town or city but in the biggest metropolitan city of our country, claimed to be the safest city. Where has gone the rakhwalas (care takers) of Mumbai the shiv Sena, the RSS and most importantly the police. And what about the people around, had all the people around were eunuchs or they were pregnant with 9 months. I feel shame saying this but if you can tolerate this kind of injustice than feel yourself to be equally guilty of doing the crime.

Some right wing illegal outfits(Hindu Rashtra Sena) are in a row to take wickets(killing people), they have started taking wickets and the first wicket was of late Mohsin of Pune (hadapsar). What Mohsin did was he resisted the overhyped Balasaheb Thakre stature, he did thinking he is having that much of freedom of expression as other right wing people of our nation and as our constitution allows every one of us, but he was wrong. Constitution is still in paper and is a non implement able law. According to police Mohsin was unaware of Facebook post and it was not posted by him and Mohsin was actually innocent and was killed because he was wearing a Pathan suit and had sported beard when 30 to 40 people of Hindu Rashtra Sena came and beaten him to death.

What we can do is nothing! Just read these kind of articles and stories daily and again come back to our routine jobs, it's not our duty, actually the govt is responsible, we are very moderate and literate people, what we can do, we did our job we voted the govt, if govt not able to function properly and police not doing their job, it's not our concern.

If anyone of you reading this article have any idea for implementing anti rape law and anti exploitation law effectively, do let us know. We will surely try to implement them and let the govt also know of them. Please feel free to express and share any experience you had and want to know us, so that world should know it and keep a check on it so that it should not occur again. Please do write to us.

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