Sunday, June 22, 2014

10 steps to reduce inflation in India

Modi Govt vs Inflation.

Now they saying they don't have enough govt reserve to subsidise even the basic items. They can't give subsidy over diesel, LPG, fertilisers and hence they can't control increasing inflation at least for short term they have nothing in their hand to control.
So, here we have collected some advice and suggestions if they could implement.

10 steps to reduce inflation in India.

1. Stop black marketing and hoardings, take strict actions against black marketers.
2. Develop good inventory and release food stock reserves in market and look for fair distribution among needy.
3. Stop giving subsidy to rich farmers who in no terms need subsidy over fertilisers, give subsidy only to them who needs it. This subsidy amounts to around 68000 crore.
4. Why there is a subsidy to crores of rich people who don't need subsidy of Rs 450/-per cylinder. Which causes loss of 56000 crore each year.
5. Implement strict rules to collect taxes, it has been evident that around 15000 crore black money has been stashed away in foreign banks and around 95% of the tax gets delayed or sometimes not got collected from bureaucratese. Stricter rules can help collecting taxes and bring back the black money.
6. And one of the most important step is to stop wasting public money which gets unaccounted over govt offices and administration. Reduce administration expenditure as much as possible.
7. Implement Anna Hazare's Lokpal bill to stop corruption.
8. Rollback the 6.5% of extra freight charges on rail transportation. This going to increase inflation directly by 1 point.
9. Ensure fair leasing of crude oil explorations and don't get biased to bureaucrates over giving lease to them.
10. Implement FDI in retail, that will not only help farmers and direct consumers but also will help in weeding out hoarders and black marketers. This will also increase employment to Lakhs of youths in the country. 

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