Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't turn blind to everything else

Following someone is good, if you found someone eligible enough for it, but following it blindly, ignoring everything else which may not be good enough, seems sceptical.

There certainly is a Modi wave all around, everyone seems to be talking for Modi, why not, he is good, he has presented a well versed Model and has shown the 125+ year old political system, how to govern and what should be termed a perfect role model in politics. He did in 10 years what hadn't been done by the single largest party for 60 years, he is perfectly eligible to be hailed and boasted for his work.

But is it reasonable to support for everything he does, is it good to term him God, is it good to add prefix "Har Har" which is considered embroidered only for Lord Shiva.
Is it humane that a man left his wife unrecognized for 47 years(3 lifetime) till he was certain to be the PM of India and as soon as he came to know that he gonna be the PM of India, he recalled a past and suddenly he got a wife out of nowhere.

I'm no one to indulge into his life, but is it good to be a blind follower, at least raise questions where you see something wrong going on, you are a part of democracy dude and not into any tyrant-ship.

People always ask me why Muslims not coming out of "Godhra Kaand" and see how he has taken a U-Turn and has presented something which we all waited for so long. Of course we forgot about Godhra, and Godhra was not the only riot happened but there were many more riots which were massive and severe than that, although it should not happen, but if it happened we should forget and move on to get united if possible, as we have been forgetting all other riots since ages. A riot is not the result of any single community but both the communities. So, saying it was only non-muslims who were involved into it, would certainly be wrong to say.

Modi has been discarded by many for his stand during 2002 riots, but almost all unanimously are standing with him, when he with a good intent doing really good for the nation. But at the same time, I hope people should understand the fact that following someone religiously is good as far as you see it going good, but you should always keep a check and balance if it doesn't perform the way expected.

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