Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why do we say Bless you, when someone sneezes

When do we use these words? more often when a person sneezes. But why do we say "bless you"?

Let's explore the reason.

In the year 1665-66 in England, there happened a great plague. It was a Bubonic plague which is usually transmitted through the byte of an infected rat. This plague was so barbaric that it took almost 10,000 lives i.e. about 15% of the population of England. The final - fatal symptom of the Black Death was Sneezing and Coughing. So when a person sneezed, people surrounding him, blessed him by saying - "Bless you" (so that you are not suffering from the Great Black Death).

This word was used so frequently that it became a fashion and the next generation started following the same without being aware of actual reason.
The description of the Great Black Death is even described in a nursry rhyme which we sang while playing. can u guess the rhyme????
I will give you a hint - " it has a line - we all fall down"
Yes. It is -"Ring - a - Ring - o - roses.....". how??? lets understand the rhyme....

First of all, we will see the british rhyme

Ring - a - Ring - o - roses . (meaning A rosy rash after sneezing, they allege was the symptom of the plague).
A pocket full of posies (meaning - posies of herbs were carried as protection and toward off the smell of disease)
A tishoo- A tishoo ( meaning - it transferred from a tissue to another i.e. from a person to another person)
We all fall down(meaning - and those who fell ill, died of the disease)

Common american rhyme replaces the third line iwth :-
ashes! ashes! (meaning - it refers to the cremation of the bodies).

So check before you say Bless You!!!!
Stay blessed keep smiling always!! :) :) :)

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