Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Agryd launched its Android Mobile Application

Agryd Login on Android
Agryd the most popular Indian social networking website has launched its android mobile application this New Year. Agryd has embedded special functionality and features to its android application. With this mobile application, besides normal functionality of website, users can enjoy several other exciting features. This application offers features like friend finder, location reminder, speed tracker, free text messaging, voice and video calling. For all the features internet connectivity is a must.

Friend Finder: It tells you the current location of your friend. This tool does live tracking with the help of GPS. This tool is helpful for parents as they could take care of their child by having a watch over them with this application.
Friend Tracker Android Agryd

Location Reminder: It is a very useful tool for those people who are forgetful. This application reminds about the work to be done once user come in the circumference of 500 meter of that location. In order to get reminder, user just have to save that location on map with the desired message. This tool works quite similar to the mobile alarm which alarms at the saved time. Instead of time, this tool buzzes at the location which is saved by user.
Profile page on Android for Agryd

Speed Tracker: This tool is quite similar to speedometer of cars and motorbikes. It can tell running pace of a person. This tracking is also done with the help of GPS.
Track Me: You can track your current location if you get your path lost. This is helpful during long voyage where you don’t know the way to destination. You need to have internet connectivity to use this feature.
Besides the above key features, whatever features are in Whats app and Viber, they will be embedded in Agryd’s mobile application. Users will be able to send free text messages, audio, video and images via this tool. They shall also be able to do audio and video calling with this tool. Users will enjoy all these features free of cost. Public can download this application both from Agryd’s website as well as from Google play store.

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