Sunday, November 3, 2013

Influential Marketing blog and the book Likeonomics by Rohit Bhargava

Only great ideas or world changing ideas can't let you win the world or succeed, you need something more.
There has been many great ideas gone unnoticed and in vain just because of one thing they lacked and that's a "proper marketing strategy". To lift you up from the level you have to the level you want to be at, with the same content and world changing Idea, Rohit Bhargava comes in with his world's Best Selling Marketing book LikeOnomics.
Influential Marketing blog and the book likeonomics by rohit bhargava
Rohit Bhargava

Rohit believes that human approach to marketing products can garner better results instead of opting un-natural and short term benefits strategies. He prefers a short and simple story which can be retold to others over a deep and complex story which has one interaction and lacks re-telling ability. 

Rohit is a marketing expert from India, currently holding dual citizenship of Australia and America. He is the author of 4 best selling marketing books (including the award winning Likeonomics), he is also the CEO & Founder of the Influential Marketing Group and Professor of Global Marketing at Georgetown University.

Rohit is an award winning keynote speaker invited to multiple TEDx events and at the World Communications Forum in Davos. His book Likeonomics (latest book) was named by 800CEORead shortlisted for “Best Sales/Marketing Book of 2012″ and #4 on the list of “What Corporate America Is Reading”
Rohit’s many visual presentations have been viewed and downloaded on Slideshare over 1 million times and his popular “Influential Marketing” blog has been read by more than 2 million professionals and was named one of top 25 marketing blogs in the world by AdAge magazine.

  Rohit is also the founding member of the 360 Digital Influence group at Ogilvy and author of the best selling new book Personality Not Included, a guide on how to use personality to reinvent your marketing that has been published globally in 8 languages.

Rohit is a known name in the world of Social Media, according to the editor in chief of Search Engine Land (a blog that covers news and information about search engines, and search marketing ) Danny Sullivan the term Social Media optimization was first used and described by Rohit Bhargava.

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