Saturday, November 30, 2013

Google Search - Reunion video by Google India

How many ads you count, you remember not because of the frequency of times you saw that, but because of the gravity of content on the ad video?
I think very few are there which really touch our heart and sits forever thereafter. Recently there is one such video which has gone viral because of it's content and provoking emotional touch. Google India launched an ad video with the name 'Google Search: Reunion' of length 3:33 minutes.
This 3:33 minute Google video ad, will not let you move out of your position. You will be glued to your position for these 213 seconds. Video has tried to touch the thinnest little cord, we all Indians and probably Pakistanis too have with the separation of India and Pakistan. Adding to that, video has also attached the never ending relationship of two friends, a relation which never ends and can never be ended, whatsoever be the difference lies between the two.

I would say, a Must watch video.

The video was uploaded on 13th November 2013 by Google India, and within 17 days of it's upload it has got 8+ million views. The video is still a buzz and is viral on all the prominent social networks.

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