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White Hat Hacker, bug bounty champ Monendra Sahu aka Mohit Sahu

White Cap Hacker, bug bounty champ Monendra Sahu
Monendra Sahu aka Mohit
Somewhere in some newspaper I once read "Hackers bhi achche hote hain", that led me recall a dictum, my grandma used to say, kuchh bhoot bure hote hain aur kuchh acche bhi hote hain(some ghost may be bad, but some are good too), there I inquired, "aakhir ve(bhoot) hote hi kyun hain?" (why the hell they exist), my grandma has no good answer for it. But, now after a decade or so, when I heard of the bounty program of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and all and while going through the newspaper headline (mentioned above) I actually got to understand there existence.

Very recently while going through the Hall of fame section of Google for recipients of reward, as per the bounty program, I came through a name Monendra Sahu, a boy very close to my native from Raipur Chhattisgarh. The guy Monendra Sahu who uses his nick name Mohit Sahu on Social handles like twitter and Facebook.

Mohit being from a small town, lacked much exposure and aligned himself with the herd of other students, he joined NIT Raipur with Mining Engineering. But his passion for Computers, ethical hacking and cycber security thing never died and he kept himself to the pace, through any media he able to get. Mohit developed his interest in computers when he was in std VI, he used to train other students of his school when he was in VIIIth and XIIth. And as you may have heard, we all get some opportunity in life to develop and understand the reason of our existence, Mohit got his, from a tech fest he attended at the IIT KGP (Kharagpur), he describes the event a magical show. it was an ethical hacking event, he felt he got the juice he ever wanted for his life.
Mohit joined many UHAs(Underground Hacking Academies) during 2006-07 on Orkut (which was a prominent social networking at the time). Mohit started with ethical hacking and then he developed interest in WebApps (Web Applications) and Security vulnerability hacking's. Mohit started learning web development and website hacking from some of his community members, he also got many certifications including EC Council, USA CEH etc.

Recently Mohit came to know about bug bounty program, started by Internet Search Engine giant Google and Social networking giant Facebook. Many of his peer group members advised him to go for WhiteCap Hacking. Mohit gets in and by the time I'm writing this article he has won hundreds of bounty programs, showing vulnerabilities to companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Blackberry and many many more.

Mohit (Monendra Sahu) is now, almost a regular name enlisted on the Hall of Fame by Google as reward recipients. Google enlist the names of people who took part in the bounty program to find the vulnerabilities on their servers or webApps or websites. Mohit has won from $200 to $20,000 as reward earnings from these bounty programs. He is still on this path and is finding many critical bugs on their servers. According to Mohit Gmail and Facebook apps are very much vulnerable and can easily be breached. 

Mohit is the founder of Chhattisgarh Infosec Society, CIS was founded to aware people about cyber crimes. This Cell (or NGO) is among the first in the state who helps people fight against cyber crimes. Mohit is planning to set Up a website CyberKeySecurities, through this he aims to provide technologies, tips, tricks to keep the servers, apps and websites free of vulnerabilities and would aware people about cyber crimes and ways to be protected from cyber activities. 

Note: The headline "Dushman hi nahi Dost bhi hote hain Hackers" was published by Nav Jaipur for Monendra Sahu aka Mohit Sahu.


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