Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The youngest Indian girl to pursue MSc Sushma Verma

While going through some articles of very popular sites like shoutMeLoud and Labnol which are almost perfect with their SEO implementations, what I find is, that these guys use many internal links or you can say reference of old post in new post which give exposure to their old threads too with the new post. Of course this is very good approach and helps both the user and the author in understanding and clearing the concept respectively.
But why I'm writing about this SEO things, I'm no where related to SEO implementations or anything similar, but I'm, certainly I'm. You won't believe how elated I feel when I find one of the personalities whom I would have ever mentioned in my blog would get noticed by the world again for their work. Sushma Verma a new wonder girl, this was the title of my post which I had written on January 3, 2011, around three years back and now again that girl tend me to make some space for her achievement on my blog. She is truly a gem, a wonder a genius in herself.

She was 10 then when I had written about her, she has been allowed to take admission into Lucknow University after several re-considerations and she after becoming the youngest matriculate had become the youngest to pursue BSc.
And now after successfully completing her BSc,  who hopes to become doctor chose to purse MSc in Environmental Microbiology. And with this she has now become the youngest Indian girl to pursue MSc at the age of 13.

Sushma comes from a lower middle class family and her father is a daily wage earner. She is very much hard working, she loves reading books and her brother Shailendra Verma who is again another child prodigy has also completed his BCA course, Shailendra has taken admission for BCA when he was just 14.

I whole heartily congratulates on her success and I wish her to go on achieving more and more in her life.
Keep it up Sushma!. 

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