Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shahrukh Khan with $400 million is super rich by Hurun India rich list

Rich getting richer and richer getting super rich. The world is theirs who knows how to make it for themselves. One who knows how to controls others emotion, one who can play with anything and everything and hence knows how to make their life happening and succeeding. Who will deny that anyone who can make a theater cry out of emotion and can burst people's heart out of feelings and emotions is none other than the King Khan, the Badshah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan, he has been known for his love and romantic films and the emotional scenes which can melt the stone hearts too.

The day he has entered Bollywood, he has been on a continuous spree of success, he has been climbing the ladder of success and has been the indisputable king of Bollywood not only at the Box Office but also in the hearts of his billions of loyal fans.

It would be the hard work and natural talent (sense of humor) of this man, who helped him reach wherever he ever dreamed. Adding to the steps of success, Shahrukh has recently entered into a new category of super rich people in the country. Shahrukh Khan has been listed as the super rich people in India this year.
It was the new guest Abram in his home, then the record success of his latest movie Chennai Express which earned around 226 core in India and around 119 crore abroad for him and now with an whooping total asset of $400 million Shahrukh is at the 114 most rich people in the country.
According to the second edition of Hurun India super rich list with the asset of 18.9 billion, Energy Tycoon and Reliance industries chairman Mukesh Ambani tops the list, steel Baroness Savitri Jindal non executive chairperson of OP Jindal group tops in the women category and Shahrukh at 114 tops in the Bollywood industry.

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