Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sushmita Banerjee execution an un-Islamic act of Taliban Militant

Sushmita Banerjee the author of "Kabuliwalar Bengali bou" executed by Taliban militants raised a question on the credibility of their faith on Islam. In no condition an unarmed and a woman who is working for the healthcare of women should be executed under any sharia laws of Islams. How come they can kill a woman dragging her out of her home, in front of their family members. Is this kind of execution mentioned anywhere in Qura'n Sharif or any liable book of hadiths. I fully doubt on their Islamic faith, if Taliban has done this execution, then in no circumstances I or even any other Islamic man can trust their faith on Islam. Islam has never permitted any execution of this kind.

Sushmita Banerjee a Bengali Indian, who converted to Islam as Sayed Kamala, married to Jaanbazkhan a businessman in Paktika province of Afghanistan got executed on 4th of September 2013. The lady had earlier been on the radar of Taliban's militants because of her book "Kabuliwalar Bengali bou" where she had described her way of escape from Taliban from the clutches of Taliban Militants. 
This may be her love for her Afghan husband or may be she would have developed the empathy for Afghan women, who brought her back to Afghanistan to take care for women who needed healthcare service from her.

She was into healthcare sector, she had a clinic, though she was not officially accredited physician or something, but according to her, she knew something in medicine, so she was trying to help the women their and trying to create awareness among the women of Afghanistan for health and prevention out of her little knowledge she had. This creates another issue, where did she go wrong? Is it wrong to help women who are ill, Is it wrong to treat bad health, Is it wrong to teach women for their survival? Where it is written, that Muslim women should not care for their health?

If Taliban has executed this Indian woman Sushmita Banerjee, I think every Muslim in the world would like to know, why and would like to know are they really following Islamic laws. I raise my concern over the issue, how come they can kill an unarmed woman for helping other women to survive and how come they can say that woman of "Poor Morals"?

I need an answer for those who think even at the deepest part of their heart, that Taliban Militant belongs to Muslim community or follow Islamic shariah laws.

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