Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When will India attack Pakistan

It's really shameless act, again and again Pakistan militant or may be Pakistan Army intruding so shamelessly and killing some of our Jawans. If Pakistan army or Pakistan militant have the courage, they should come forward and ask for a war. We Indians have never invaded any country since times immemorial, but still I along with 1.21 billion other Indians know for sure that, it will hardly take 1 to 2 days for our army to ruin the whole of Pakistan and burn it into ashes.

It's not the paralyzed governance or weak army we have, but the tender hearts which stops us beheading soldiers cowardly like some Pakistani outfits. Pakistan who knows for sure that they have nothing comparable to fight with Indian army, so they indulge into these kind of cheap and shameless activities.

What Pakistan needs to understand?
I feel sorry for such coward and so called Jihadi troops, how come they say they belong to Islam? I strongly doubt? Islam never teach anyone to fight cowardly, but to die bravely. If they can't befriend then call for a war, we are ready to retaliate you and throw you out again and even oust you from your own Pakistan.
Pakistan who has been thrown thrice back to their original stature forgets the past and try to retaliate with these menial activities. I think Pakistan needs to rethink upon their status and position, they need to understand that they are nothing but an injured monkey on a stretcher (provided by US) and some life saving medicines (provided by China).

What we Indians need to do?
We as Indians need to stop any kind of relation with them, stop any kind of arguments and be ready for a war as and when they call. Again if they don't stop after repeated warning, we should not wait but to call for war. Too much of courtesy sometimes is taken as a signal for cowardliness, it's better to let them know that if we are good at toleration we are equally good at retaliation.

 It's really intolerable that some outfits comes inside our territory, hiding, behead and sometimes kill few of our Jawans and then go back hiding. Height of cowardliness. I don't think US or China are aware of such cowardice activities this Pakistan doing, I even doubt the Pakistan media be allowed to let Pakistan's citizens know how coward their army is and that they are giving safe shelters to so many shameless militants.

As an Indian I wish Indian govt. this time would take a very strong action and not just strong words and will help the martyrs soul rest in peace by taking appropriate steps against Pakistan.

Jai Hind!!! 

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