Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Help your favorite Blogger listed on IndianBloggers list

We generally land up to our favorite Wikipedia.Org for our day to day info and about official listings in different categories, be it listing of countries, population wise, economy wise or Internet users wise, Wikipedia provides almost everything we need and we discuss about.
Similarly, there is a community of Bloggers who are too good at their profession, but Blogging is yet to be recognized as a full fledged profession in India. Interestingly India is one of the fastest emerging market in terms of Blogging, we have 'n' numbers of Bloggers in India, but to be called. recognized(Professional) Bloggers we have very few. So, to give Bloggers an appropriate platform many Blogger-Communities working on many projects which will help Bloggers to get connected with other Bloggers and grow their network and grow their audience base.
In order to give a standard platform our own first and best Blogger from India- Amit Agarwal founder of labnol.Org has launched a website named http://indianbloggers.org, this website will list all the prominent and best Bloggers from all over India.
Please let your favorite Blogger/Bloggers listed on this website, to get recognized as the most popular Bloggers from India.
Here are some other websites which are working on this topic:

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