Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One of the most beautiful Ram Temple "Brahm Ram Mandir"

Brahm Ram Mandir Jaipur
Brahm Ram Mandir, Jaipur
One of the most common temple you would find at any corner of India is Lord Rama temple. Lord Rama temple is ubiquitous just like Lord Rama himself, the omnipresent. Lord Rama temple popularly known and called as "Ram Mandir" is generally located at any prime locations in any city, village, town or be it metros. "Ram Mandir" generally built at any location which is of prime importance  or may be that location becomes, a location of prime importance, be any case. But you will find Ram Mandirs at the heart of the location where human resides.
Another interesting fact you would notice is that, Ram Mandirs are of various sizes and various shapes and each differ from other in many aspects. There are various Ram Mandir all over India, Ram Mandir has Lord Rama in it, in standing posture, but there are very few Lord Rama temple  in the world, where Lord Rama idol is in sitting posture. One such temple is in Jaipur, named Brahma Ram Mandir, in Brahmapuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Brahm Ram Mandir inside

Ram Mandir, Jaipur

Ram Mandir from entrance
Brahm Ram Mandir is one of the most beautiful Lord Rama temple in India. Brahm Ram Mandir is fully decorated with glass and the temple though built in a very small area is really very beautiful and a calm place.
Tourist going to Jaipur generally visits Brahm Ram Mandir of Brahmpuri and appreciate its beauty.
Brahm Rama Temple, Jaipur
Brahm Ram Mandir, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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