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I feel safer in US than in India: An Indian Girl

I didn't get shocked reading an article on an international portal (CNN about an American student who felt trashed in her 3 months of experience in India), but certainly feel ashamed and felt sluggish and fragile after reading the whole incidents. The popular portal shared the experience of an American woman who comes to study in India for 3 months. After she returns back home she finds that she is suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Just to summarize, the woman was unable to accept the fact happened to her and could not move on. Although by now she knows that it has become a common practice there and this prevails all across India since years.   She could not face some Indian men who used to stare her while she is on streets, who used to grope her and claw at her breasts and groins. Eventually she was suffering from mental stress disorder PTSD. The situation in India is pathetic and the events which are part of it ranges from a smaller events of men stalking at…

An open letter to self proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu

It's an open letter to our so called, self proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu!

Dear Asaram Bapu,
For God sake don't say that 16 year old minor girl is faking the rape case, it's not that the whole world is like you fooling every other. You may be lucky enough to survive a helicopter crash, most lucky enough to get so many blind followers, but there is an end to every wrong doings. You are neither a Godman and forget about being a God, and plz, plz don't compare yourself with God like symbol "Bhagwan Buddha".

There has been numerous cases against you, be it land grab case in Navsari district, Gujarat in year 2000, Ratlam district Madhya Pradesh year 2001, 2 minor boys murder at your Ashram in Ahmedabad case 2009, Chhattisgarh minor girl molestation case 2004, many other sexual assault cases all over the country. You have been exposed many a times, but thanks to your innocent blind followers and some govt bodies along with land mafias who supporting you, like pimps…

True love portrayed through painting

A painter's painting describes the painter's heart. Dev has painted a beautiful painting showing the deep fathom love, some true lovers have in their hearts.  A true love which is getting rarer with the coming days has been shown so beautifully through this paint.

5 Indian Bloggers who can help you grow rich

India is now the 3rd largest country in terms of  internet user base. India has now approx ~74 million internet users next to China and US. Again India is the 2nd fastest in terms of Internet adopting countries after Brazil. Adding to it, India is also among the largest blogging market in the world.
Remembering Blogging which came just recently around the year 2001 in India and we got our first professional Blogger Amit Agarwal catching up with the world Bloggers in the early 2004 and now the year 2013 we have a huge market of #Bloggers. We have the finest Bloggers and we have the largest base of Bloggers.
Blog which had started with individuals posts, now has turned into multiple-authored posts and some editors doing the editing part for each new blog posts. This multiple authoring blogs came into existence by the year 2009 and again we have a great bloggers from India itself who outshine in this MABs also.

Here I will give some most popular and non official best Bloggers from India…

Namaste India

It’s my 201st post on Namaste India and I'm feeling more than happy sharing my experience with my visitors who love to read my blog on a regular basis. It would never have been possible to get 2,00,000+ views for just 200 posts which accounts not more than one and a half standard novel volume. So, I thought to share my experience with you guys about my Blog Indoscopy.
Let’s begin again with the beginning that is the name itself “Namaste India”. Why I chose Namaste India as the title for my Blog Indoscopy.
In this Blog Indoscopy, I cover the stuffs which I come across in my day to-day life. I generally cover the burning topics, go detail into them, and try to present the insight of the story as per my understanding of the topic. I selected the title Namaste India because, Namaste is used as a welcome gesture or a customary greeting by Indians and I use Namaste to welcome all my visitors to my Blog to read about our incredible India!!!.

Meaning of Namaste !
Namaste is a Hindi word w…

Asaram Bapu booked for raping a minor

Self proclaimed Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu again has been accused by his own staunch followers. This time a 16 year old girl with her parents have accused Asaram for raping the minor in his Ashram at Jodhpur. The minor hails from UP and was a student of Asaram at his Ashram in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. Minor accuses that due to illness the Ashram authorities thought she was under some spirit influence and sent her to Jodhpur Ashram. At Jodhpur Ashram Asaram Bapu in the name of treatment raped her.

It is not the first time Asaram Bapu has been booked or has been accused, but still some staunch followers of him don't want to look at his darker side, which is really appalling and horrendous. Asaram had to face the ire of people on Delhi rape case statement, in which he had said that "If girl would have asked for mercy and would have made the rapist, brother they would have not harmed her". There are many more cases against him, pending and in no way police able to trace …

Google celebrating Claude Debussy's 151st Birthday

Google celebrating Claude Debussy's 151st Birthday with a beautiful animated Doodle.
Claude Debussy born 22nd August, was a french  composer and was one of the most popular composer of his time. He had been made the Chevalier of the "Legion of Honour" in 1903 by the French Govt.
Here is the Google Doodle honoring him on his 151st Birth Day.

One of the most beautiful Ram Temple "Brahm Ram Mandir"

One of the most common temple you would find at any corner of India is Lord Rama temple. Lord Rama temple is ubiquitous just like Lord Rama himself, the omnipresent. Lord Rama temple popularly known and called as "Ram Mandir" is generally located at any prime locations in any city, village, town or be it metros. "Ram Mandir" generally built at any location which is of prime importance  or may be that location becomes, a location of prime importance, be any case. But you will find Ram Mandirs at the heart of the location where human resides.
Another interesting fact you would notice is that, Ram Mandirs are of various sizes and various shapes and each differ from other in many aspects. There are various Ram Mandir all over India, Ram Mandir has Lord Rama in it, in standing posture, but there are very few Lord Rama temple  in the world, where Lord Rama idol is in sitting posture. One such temple is in Jaipur, named Brahma Ram Mandir, in Brahmapuri, Jaipur, Rajasthan…

Help your favorite Blogger listed on IndianBloggers list

We generally land up to our favorite Wikipedia.Org for our day to day info and about official listings in different categories, be it listing of countries, population wise, economy wise or Internet users wise, Wikipedia provides almost everything we need and we discuss about.
Similarly, there is a community of Bloggers who are too good at their profession, but Blogging is yet to be recognized as a full fledged profession in India. Interestingly India is one of the fastest emerging market in terms of Blogging, we have 'n' numbers of Bloggers in India, but to be called. recognized(Professional) Bloggers we have very few. So, to give Bloggers an appropriate platform many Blogger-Communities working on many projects which will help Bloggers to get connected with other Bloggers and grow their network and grow their audience base.
In order to give a standard platform our own first and best Blogger from India- Amit Agarwal founder of labnol.Org has launched a website named http://in…

Daughters are like free bird, a painting depicting the thought

A creative painter is one who paints what he imagines. +deviprasad patra a painter who is creative just like his own thoughts and imaginations. His imaginations are bold enough to let you drench in his plethora of fantasies.
One such painting which is depicting the daughters and their inner feeling, which wants to let them fly like free birds, which wants to let them free ever.

Beautiful sketches by Devs Creative Horizon

Some Paintings makes us speechless. Paintings speaks lot about themselves. Painting don't need words but can express, loud that anyone can understand.
Here are some sketches By "Dev's Creative Horizon" which speak themselves.

Eyes Painting by Dev's Creative Horizon

Eyes has lots to say, eyes speak much better. Eyes can make you fall in love. Eyes can kill you, Eyes can destroy you.
So, here is one such eye, which being beautiful, has the power to destroy anyone, who cheat. 

Happy Independence Day 2013

15th Of August, Independence Day of India. Thought to create something whatever comes to my mind. And here is that creation. My Love Indian Flag.
Wishing you all a very very Happy Independence Day 2013.
Google also celebrating Independence Day of India. Google placed Independence Day Doodle on Google's home page.
Here is the Google's Doodle for Independence Day of India 2013.

INS Sindhurakshak blown and sank in the Indian ocean

Just two days before India had taken a historic leap in the Military capabilities by launching the India's first indigenous  aircraft carrier INS Vikrant and on Tuesday at around Midnight INS Sindhurakshak (Submarine) exploded like anything, engulfing 18 men inside. This led to a huge blow and set back for the navy and Indian Coast guard.
INS Sindhurakshak was a Russian made World Class diesel-electric submarine of the Indian navy.
Sindhurakshak was first commissioned on 24th December 1997, due to some maintenance work
Sindhurakshak was decommissioned on 4th June 2010 and sent for overhauling to Russia. It took around $80 million for overhauling and then Sindhurakshak came back to India and commissioned back into Indian navy on May-June 2013. Just 2 months after it's commissioning Sindhurakshak blown off.
Submarine Sindhurakshak blown off with two blasts possibly due to either or mixture of ammunition, Liquid oxygen and hydrogen it carries along. The blast sound was so loud …

India's first indigenous manufactured aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

India's first indigenous manufactured aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, is going to be a milestone in the nation's military history as it will propel India into the exclusive league of only four nations US, Russia, UK and France, that can build carriers of this size.

37,500 tonne, INS Vikrant will be around 40,000 square meter of war zone floating on the sea when fully developed. This makes the ship, biggest ever constructed in India. Though it would come fourth biggest when compared globally.

The indigenous ship INS Vikrant to be powered by General Electric gas turbine engines.The ship has been designed by Fincantieri of Italy.Ship is named after India's first aircraft carrier, the INS Vikrant which was originally the HMS Hercules of Britain's Royal Navy. Former Vikrant had taken active part in the 1971 Indo-Pak War.
With the development of INS Vikrant India can feel relieved, with it's security concerns, and this also making us feel cherishing our dream of superpower…

Petition to cast out the politicians from Parliament

It's such a shame to see almost all the political parties coming together to oppose Supreme court on an action which says criminals should not be allowed in Parliament. So, has taken an initiative to help supreme court to take action against all the criminals and expel them out of Parliament by taking support of people.
Common people of India, people like us are needed to help the initiative by just Signing Up the petition form.
Form has nothing but one input box, which asks you your Email Id and then click on Send button and you are done with the petition form SignUp. Additionally you can share this petition form among your friends and circles and let them know about this petition and ask them to Sign Up.

When to Sign Up for this petition?
It's very urgent and we need to make this petition go work as AG's have counselled the criminals seating inside the parliament(which accounts around 30% of the total Member of Parliamentarians) that they can ask for amendments…

Indian Social Networking website Jumpbook by Nilay and Ankur of Patna, Bihar

Sometimes it's good to think yourself the best and it becomes really best if you start working on it to prove your words. There are numbers of people who have proved time and again, their caliber, talent and potential to win the world. This all starts with pure determination and confidence to make it happen.
Indians are one such category of people who has proved time and again that they are never too far and can reach any heights, even they lack many basic necessities. Here is one such example I found, where two youngsters who are in their mid 20s, have developed a social networking website which is truly unique and can be termed as the need of hour.
Nilay Singh and Ankur Singh, from Patna, Bihar have created a social networking website all on their own. The social networking website "" is unique in a sense that it sync the three most popular internet vibes namely the 'Blogs', 'E-commerce', and Forums. The Jumpbook has tried to cover all the a…

Discrimination on the day of Eid at Himalaya Mall, Gujarat

Eid-Ul-Fitr for the Muslim residents of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, turned into a shocking and a day of bad experience. Himalaya Mall of Ahmedabad, one of the 5 best malls of Ahmedabad started charging Rs 20/- from Muslims who had gone their for shopping and celebrating with friends on the Eid day. Security personnel started scrutinizing youth and children of particular age group, belonging to Muslim community. 
On being asked about this discrimination, Mall official termed this a routine check and said they impose this check when the footfalls increase manifolds during festive seasons. Mall officials added that we are not actually charging money as we are returning the money back, if those who have been charged produce any bill of shopping inside the mall. 
This is completely unconstitutional and should not be tolerated at any front. Mall officials should be called and asked about this unsolicited activity, they should be punished according to the law. I strongly oppose this discrimination …

Why is Eid celebrated

Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Azha are the two prime festivals celebrated by Muslims all over the world.
Eid comes from an Arabic word "I'aa'dah" which means to return. Eid-Ul-Fitr is celebrated as a day of rewards. The day Eid-Ul-Fitr is believed to be the day when ALLAH rewards its followers with gifts and pay as much they are eligible to get. This is the day when Allah calls all followers to come and get paid for their assigned task. Allah rewards all who performed their task by keeping fast for the whole month of Ramadan and prayed prayers the whole month and prayed during nights by remaining awake.
Allah says to his followers to get the gift as much as they can, Allah is benevolent and is ready to give rewards manifold to all the followers who act accordingly for the whole month of Ramadan as it is said in Hadiths and Qura'an.
Eid celebration is though very much liberal, but still indulging into any kind of wrong or non permitted activities is very much disliked by…

Unending Love, Unending Wait and an Unending Pain - infinite love

An unending love, an unending wait and an unending pain, truly called an infinite love. A love which has no boundaries to cross, a love which has no conditions to meet, a love which is just love, pure love and nothing else.
A paint by Dev:

When will India attack Pakistan

It's really shameless act, again and again Pakistan militant or may be Pakistan Army intruding so shamelessly and killing some of our Jawans. If Pakistan army or Pakistan militant have the courage, they should come forward and ask for a war. We Indians have never invaded any country since times immemorial, but still I along with 1.21 billion other Indians know for sure that, it will hardly take 1 to 2 days for our army to ruin the whole of Pakistan and burn it into ashes.

It's not the paralyzed governance or weak army we have, but the tender hearts which stops us beheading soldiers cowardly like some Pakistani outfits. Pakistan who knows for sure that they have nothing comparable to fight with Indian army, so they indulge into these kind of cheap and shameless activities.

What Pakistan needs to understand?
I feel sorry for such coward and so called Jihadi troops, how come they say they belong to Islam? I strongly doubt? Islam never teach anyone to fight cowardly, but to die br…

Hum Bhaartiye hain

Dariya se tairkar nikle hain
behna jante hain

nange paon, tapti ret mein
daudna jante hai

rukhi si roti aur, namak chawal
kha kar rahe hain

yeh malal nahi ki kami hai
yeh hausla hai, ke pure honge!

yeh sawal nahi ki kab hoga
yeh jawab hai, ki sabse aage honge!

yeh chaand hi nahi,
mangal bhi paa lenge!

jo kadam ek baar utha diye,
to sitare bhi la lenge!

Jazbaati bhi hain, bebaak bhi
mohabbat bhi hai, aur ikhlaaq bhi!

sharm bhi hai, adaa bhi,
gurur bhi hai, umang bhi.

na the kabhi kisi se kam
na honge kabhi kisi se!

na maanga hai kisi se
na maangenge kabhi kisi se!

Jo keh diya ek baar
woh karte hain!

baaton pe jeete hain
rishton mein rehte hain!

Hum Bhartiye hain,
Bhaarat mein the
Bhaarat mein hain
Aur Bhaarat mein hi rahenge!!

Hum Bhaartiye hain
Bhaarat mein the
Bhaarat mein hain
Aur Bhaarat mein hi rahenge!!

हिंदी fonts में !!

दर्या से तैरकर निकलें हैं
बेहना जानते हैं

नंगे पाँव, तपती रेत में
दौड़ना जानते हैं

रुखी सी रोटी और नमक चा…

Narendra Modi from CM of Gujarat to upcoming PM of India

One of the best quotes from Narendra Modi:

"When approached right, citizens never fail to shoulder their responsibilities."
What Makes Narendra Modi a favorite candidate for PM Of India?
What Narendra Modi did which turned into history for the country ?
This is for the first time in the history of democracy in India (Democracy which is the largest one in the world), that a politician would have been favored unanimously with such a huge chunk of citizens(Majority). This is again for the first time that a young & dynamic CM of a state would have been favored instead of old patriarchs of any political party. This is again for the first time that a leader who worked for his state selflessly, chosen by state along with the nation as a whole, and the leader did this for hat trick times.

Narendra Modi who started as a "Sangh Pracharak" worked selflessly and with full dedication for RSS, to which he was attached since his school days. Narendra Modi officially entered BJP…