Sunday, July 7, 2013

Telugu is the third most searched Indian Language on Google

Telugu Language which is the third most spoken Language in India is also the third most searched Indian Language on Google. Telugu is used by around 74,002,856 (7.4 crore) people in India which accounts for 7.19% of the total population (According to 2001 census).
If you go through the Internet Data, you will find not only the people from India or south India especially but, people from UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait also shows lot of interest searching Telugu contents.
Contents which are searched most in Telugu are the Telugu movies, Telugu Songs, Telugu news, Telugu movies downloads and many Telugu Popular Blogs.
It has also been seen that many sites which are covering Telugu contents are having very high rank in Alexa rankings and High PR or Page Ranks.
One of such site which covers Telugu contents and is a portal of Information about India is . This site allows its audience to read the contents in Telugu also and hence is very popular and is having very high rank on Alexa Ranking.

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