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Narendra Modi is not an alternative

It's so ironical isn't it, the same people who just few months back were abusing Kapil Sibbal, were making memes and all and were fighting for the freedom of speech, expression and "Free, open Internet" have now turned into a virtual gang and are protesting to all the people, uneducated to elite, political to non political almost everyone, even to those who sarcastically write that they don't want Narendra Modi as PM.
I now fully agree with the words of Markandey Katju who once had told that "90% of the Indians are idiots". It's true, earlier it was believed that illiterates are generally fools and follow some people blindly and caste their votes blindly. But now a major chunk of educated group are found blind followers, they don't even listen to reasonings given by some elite people against Modi. They are really ModiManiacs.

I remembered an article which has written that Gujarat is now at 3rd position after West Bengal and UP in terms of debts. Gujarat is paying around 34 crore daily as an interest. The debt is around 1, 40, 000 crore which has tripled in 10 years that is during Modi's tenure. Where some ModiManiacs had written how much congress paid you to write this article(ROFL).
Then that same news of debt was all around and on all the news channels and news papers, now ModiManiacs could not able to guess which one news source was not a paid one.
Next came the second favorite to ModiManiacs, Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar. ModiManiacs generally used to respect Nitish and Nitish were their second favorite. But one fine day Nitish turned and opposed Modi's candidature, suddenly ModiManiacs too turned their face from Nitish and stared abusing Nitish as if Nitish has become their main rival instead of ruling party congress. (Modi bhai tum sahi mein mahan ho!!!)

Then list went on increasing, LK Advani, Yashwant Sinha (who boldly said "I'm not suffering from any Namo-nia") Some big and small BJP leaders and many NDA leaders, RSS, JDU and many came opposing Modi from time to time and these ModiManiacs too came to abuse them from time to time without even thinking why all are opposing Modi. Now they have already turned into a blind follower, so who has the time to open their eyes and look into, just go on hitting the stick, whoever comes against Modi.

Then comes Mamata Bannerjee, Anna Hazare and the latest one, who is truly the most elite personality in India now, Amartya Sen. Though some ModiManiacs who tried opening their eyes got shocked when he flat faced said "I don't want Narendra Modi as my PM", but still the most reputed personality of India just after "APJ Abdul Kalam"  Nobel laureate Amartya Sen had to suffer the idiocity and stupidity of ModiManiacs.

Not only this, now when much before, when even Modi has not been declared as the PM candidate by BJP, nor Modi is supposed to be the next PM, his tyranny has started by his so called blind followers, they forced a website owner to shutdown his website within a day, because he sarcastically had opposed Modi.
Really it's the hieght of "_!_#%^^&&*".

Now they ask, if not Modi then who should be the next PM?
It's like the same Hindi kahawat (Andhon mein Kana Raja), if we don't have alternative then make Modi as PM.

There always remains the alternative, only we need to search it patiently. 
Why not Shivraj Singh Chauhan, why not Nitish kumar himself, why not Sushma Swaraj or Arun Jaitley or even Subramaniam Swami?

Why Modi is not an alternative?
Because his growth model is not at all subtle, his growth model lacks future growth as the growth model never look into growth into medical or health sector, the growth increases the debts which grows faster than the real developments, his growth never looks into the growth of minorities, his growth is exclusive of particular sects, trade unions and industrial sectors. His governance don't treat minorities equally.

At least Shivraj Singh's model don't have these lacuna's and Nitish growth model has always remain the best and has won many accolades from time to time by different personalities except RJD chief Lalu Prasad.


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