Sunday, July 21, 2013

Media, Celebrity and life

Katrina spotted without makeup in her bandra flat's backyard, see this pic!!!
Katrina fell off from a bicycle and displayed her undies while on a shooting!!!
Do we guys realize how we feel when we fell into some embarrassing moment incidentally. Now adding to that embarrassment, suppose we found that embarrassing moment on Facebook, posted by someone who was passing through when you were in that embarrassing moment. Believe me you will feel killing that bas****, Right?.
Similar is the case when sometime these celebrities who 24x7 are on media radar. These celebrities are left with almost no private life. SRK spotted going loo. Sonakshi's fashion disaster. Bathroom's are watched, kitchens are looked into. Paparazzi is nothing but media's creation. 

Some celebrity wearing a gown and just suppose (really unintentionally) that gown fell for few centimeters down, that celebrity however felt huge embarrassment there itself at the function, event or party. But what next, she is on news and that 8-10 sec video is being tele-casted on repeat mode on national news channel. Can we guys even realize what that celebrity would be feeling that moment. 

We common people can't even tolerate our pic on Facebook or other social network with any embarrassing moment by anyone and even those journalist too can't tolerate the same, but these cheap journalist these days going so low that they don't consider others life a life, other private moment a private, others emotions a sheer emotion. Really shameful that we are living in an age where media is a strong body and a strong pillar for the nation's development and this strong pillar doing this kind of cheap activities.

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