Sunday, July 7, 2013

Indian Social Networking Website Wlinkster by Sagar Rana and Aviral Kelkar
Today I will be introducing you to a 19 year old Programmer from Delhi, India who has a dream to become the next Big thing after +Mark Zuckerberg, he is +Sagar Rana . Sagar Rana claims to have designed a social networking website which is cool(according to him) and has features which many other current social networking websites lack.
 Sagar Rana define his social networking website as:
Taken from a Facebook Post:

".Its really cool it have { 15803 } users in 74 days . this site have Main Features

► Apps Store.► Video Chat.
► Live TV.
► World Cam.
► Tv Shows.
► New Movies.
► Share Ideas.
► Music.
► Games.
► Mobile Website.► Create Groups , Pages & more... just want your suggestion at {{{ WLINKSTER .COM }}}"
As you can see it has lot many new features and the adjective "Cool features" suits, apt for the website. According to some critics The site is very much relaxing for the users to connect and share and it allows the users to register without even verifying the registration through the mail.
Other critic claimed that users can chat to other users of the site without being Logged In.
Sagar Rana and Aviral Kelkar

Sagar Rana seems to be working on the criticism and working hard to make this a high rank website in India and Globally. According to Alexa Ranking Wlinkster has a Global Rank of 123,336 and Indian Rank of 10,571 in 3 months time.
The site Wlinkster is just 3 months old and was launched on 17th March 2013. According to the Hits scored Wlinkster has got around 6 Million hits in these 3 months of its launch.

I have not much Info, about the working of the website and even the cool featured apps as I haven't personally Signed Up into the social networking website, if you found the intro part of Indian Social Networking Website interesting, you can visit the website and have a look and feel to it.

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