Sunday, July 21, 2013

I will always be the last, for you

                                                                           I will always be the Last, for you
The value of my love lost in things
Worthy of my commandments are nothing!!
Despite of many efforts I am dragged aback
My soul is ripped apart and I am theft!!
Its just the feeling I want you and I to share
In between comes thy past and makes me bare!!
Am I that cruel on this special day
Or is it life who is playing this game everyday!!
Peeking within myself I wanna recover
My past is clinching me and my present is over!!
Future is nowhere near to be assumed
I am falling in the pit where nothing is presumed!!
Crying and begging for the sins of my past...
Even though I win the game i'll always be the last for you,
I'll always be the last you!!!

Poet:- Pooja Prabhu

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