Sunday, July 21, 2013

I found love in friend

                                                                I found love in friend
I’m trying another hand to write a poem,
First I wanna write about your eyes

Have never seen somethng as beautiful as them
shining n twinkling like stars in the night sky

as blue and deep as the ocean
at times I wish I could drown

my heartbeat stops , there is no motion
time n tide stops, I can't hear a sound

Such expressive they are, as by God, they’re carved
A day when I dont see them, I feel so starved

Always have liked you with your open hair,
Such cuteness, such elegance,  isn't at all fair

You said you are a bird, and I’m a tree
I am bounded but you are free
The bird came to the tree to find some solace
scared to give shelter, the tree refused a place

The bird cried, as it wanted to stay
The tree shed its branches, pushing the bird away
The tree prays for autumn
bird prays for spring
In a hope to find a home,
bird still flaps its wings

you found friend in love
I found love in friend

hard to accept you had no feelings
even I don't care, I still pretend

life shall be empty when you will go
i’m sure i’ll miss the tom n jerry show
i’ll miss the smile, i'll miss the laughter
i’ll miss you in every breathe I take hereafter

sorry for troubling you and expecting a lot
but it was you,you and you I always had a thought
dont worry I’ve somehow managed to clot,
but stil in my heart, you occupy that slot

a time to meet, a time to part,
dats how every strory ends,
but even a new one starts,
of my life you have been the most memorable part,
how lucky I m to have something, that makes saying this good bye so hard

inspite of this heavy heart, i wish u all the best
try not to forget me, a sincere request,
hope you always win, let time take its test,
its time to follow your heart and put sleep to rest

Poet:- Pooja Prabhu

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