Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bodh Gaya blast and Security measures

It becomes very evident with the ongoing communal strife in Myanmar, between the Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists that some Muslim radicals may plan for an avenge in Indian continent and especially to Buddhist locations like Bodh Gaya.
According to some reports union home ministry had already alerted the Bihar govt for the possible terror attack at the Buddhist shrines and Tibetan settlements. This recent attack may not be called a callous nature of Nitish Govt, but it should also be noted that, state Govt's and even the central Govt. takes the IB reports very negligently, else many attacks like this at Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya, Bihar and attacks in Hyderabad, AP, Taj Hotel, CST, Mumbai could have been averted very easily.

Talking to security measures, security at Mahabodhi temple was inadequate and found insufficient to handle terror attacks of any kind even after the center's advisory over the communal strife at Myanmar and the terror attack possibilities at Buddhist gatherings, shrines and Tibetan Settlements.

Politics on terror attacks
Politics in India is not only getting dirtier day by day but also becoming very dangerous and appalling to general citizens. After the serial blasts at  Mahabodhi Bodh Gaya, Lalu Prasad Yadav though condemns the attack but at the same time don't forgot to start politics against the arch rival Nitish Kumar.
Another political attack came from +Mamata Banerjee who sees this attack as a game plan of central govt to terrorize the people, destabilize the state and kill some politicians of regional parties to root out regional parties.
Other ministers from BJP like Ravi Shankar who condemned the attack and also the state as well as central govt for negligence.
PM Dr Manmohan Singh found to be repeating the same old "" Raag" of intolerable incident.


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