Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A celebrated trip to Goa

What's this Goa?
I’d say a CREED.
A place which reminisces of semi-naked foreigners looking best in tan,light colored brownish beach sand..aahhh those waves,which can nowhere be described,but only felt..felt by mere feet drenched in saline goan waters.The view,it was rainy june month,a time when Goa is believed to be almost DEAD,but it surprised me..there was something I felt on standing at Baga beach,cannot be described.For a fraction of seconds,amidst the high tide,the foggy sky and those cool breezy waves,I felt like being in paradise.I could have been there forever.
World has so much to offer,the Eiffel tower at Paris,the Colosseum of Rome,the infamous Liberty statue of the USA,and the symbol of love The Taj Mahal.
But,Goa ha something out of this world, just cannot be described.
I was assured of one thing,be it any season,Goa never disappoints.
Prime reason for travel was to visit my Kuldeva temple(holy diety) at Zambavali,South Goa.
Do visit this place if you wanna get a taste of a country-home,the native Goa.
A simple temple,silence best witnessed in person,a vibe which makes you relax,be at ease, and forget. Forget the city life,the hectic work schedule,the college lectures,the screwed love life,the past regrets,the future anxieties,this place at Zambavali is DIFFERENT.
You can call it a small town but it has a huge heart.Anand Bhavan,the only hotel where you get limited quantity home-cooked meal.Owned by a localite,this hotel is indeed based in his house,just before the living room starts,you could call it his porch to be precise.
As soon as you enter,you get a village-type ambience,its dark,the blue metallic chairs like those of old times,the tables made of wood,about 20 years old. Kitchen is to the left,beauty being you can enjoy the food along with seeing the food the cooked live on chulhaas(like how granny cooked in village,using a metallic pipe she used to blow to keep fire pace regular).Its scenic,and for me it was Goa UNSEEN.
As if the surprise quota wasn’t full, night had palanquin(procession) of holy diety carried across the streets of Zambavali with the traditional South Indian music. Being a Rock-music fan,I do not bother Indian classical(I was so biased).But may be the ambience,may be the mood,music did its job well and my mind was actually humming that music played by shehnaai’s,the karnatic dhol,the dhol’s played so well. I wished to jam with them on my guitar, It was divine music.
Turning back to square one, I went to North Goa via the infamous Goa Kadamba, got myself a scooty and passed via streets of Margoan, the churches, the surf, the sand,the food!!
Food was goan and nothing NEW to me I though. Having come from a konkanian family,Goan food is cooked almost everyday at my house. It was only when I took a first byte of the deep fried prawn,I surrendered,the lit up my foodbuds. Food was like wine(or even was magic). Whether vegan or non-veggie DO NOT MISS AUTHENTIC GOAN FOOD.
Being a teetotaller, I didn’t bother much on booze. But as they have it,ALCOHOL was very very cheap.
Malls had booze cans for as cheap as 30 bucks(INR).Local shops had it more cheap.On Kadamba’s insistence,my family took few bottles of red wine,which were assured to be so genuine,the guy asked us to massage them on body for ache relief and consumption of a certain ml for a day would ensure pink health.
Aaah..Shoppping,cheap clothing and acccesories,but you gotta seek out the hidden treasure amidst the huge pile of clothes,bags some of which perhaps were imported from cities itself.
The ‘I LOVE GOA’ brand which was wore proudly sometime ago lost its charm.
However,even in rains one thing was consistent.There was a tattoo parlour,almost every other shop!
I was dying to get myself a tattoo. However I wasn’t ready this time. ”Next time Goa..done n done!!”
Everything was awesome about Goa,be it simple chai at Zambavali hotel,be it guitar playing at a resort in Baga,be it the company of Kadamba travel,be it the warmth of Goans, be it the sweet sounding Konkani used by locals, be it fish, prawn, the BEACH..
Well,they said Goa is famous for its beaches.
I believe it has many many more things to offer...

Author:- Pooja Prabhu

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