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Indian baby names with letter A

If you are here to search for a name for your blessed child. I assure you, you will surely find one suiting your child.
Every child is a gift and every parent feel pride giving their child a name unique and most suitable.

I would be adding more and more names with each new posts. I would be covering mainly Hindu baby names and Muslim Baby names categorically. Hindu baby names because Hinduism is the largest religion in the country and Muslim names because second largest religion is the Muslims.

Some most common random names for Hindu baby boy with letter A
  1. Arnav
  2. Aryan
  3. Adhyayan
  4. Abhishek
  5. Abhilash
  6. Abhinav
  7. Ajit
  8. Ajitav
  9. Ashutosh
  10. Abhimanyu
  11. Ajay
  12. Abhay
  13. Amrit
  14. Anshuman
  15. Aayush
  16. Aayushman
  17. Anil
  18. Ashok
  19. Akhil
  20. Anurag
  21. Asish
  22. Ashwini/Ashwani
  23. Aanand
  24. Anit
  25. Ankit
  26. Aashirwad
  27. Amar
  28. Amaresh
  29. Amit
  30. Abhijit
  31. Arvind
  32. Amartya
  33. Akshay
  34. Akash
  35. Amod
  36. Amarjit
  37. Aaditya
  38. Amol
  39. Ajinkya
  40. Abakash
  41. Arun
  42. Aurosish
  43. Adarsh
  44. Ankur
  45. Avinash

Hindu baby Girl names with letter A
  1. Asha
  2. Archana
  3. Anjali
  4. Alka
  5. Amrita
  6. Abha
  7. Anupama
  8. Akruti
  9. Aslesha
  10. Aparna
  11. Anu
  12. Ayesha
  13. Aishwarya
  14. Ahalya
  15. Alisha
  16. Apoorva
  17. Aprajita
  18. Ananya
  19. Anugya
  20. Ayushi
  21. Adyasha

Some Muslim Baby boy names with letter A

  1. Aatib
  2. Aatir
  3. Aaquib
  4. Aslam
  5. Ahad
  6. Akram
  7. Akbar
  8. Ataul
  9. Altaf
  10. Ayaan
  11. Ajmera
  12. Arshad
  13. Ahmad
  14. Ashfaque
  15. Aamir
  16. Aurangzeb
  17. Adnan
  18. Aftab
  19. Amanul/Amanullah
  20. Afzal

Muslim baby girl names with letter A

  1. Asna
  2. Arshia
  3. Alfiya
  4. Albiya
  5. Afsana
  6. Aafreen
  7. Aaliya
  8. Ashfina
  9. Arooj
  10. Afifa
  11. Arshee

Here are some of the most common and popular names, please go through our 1000s of other names on other posts on this site only or Go through this Indian Baby Names.


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Cool with thy winds of delight,
Dark fields waving Mother of might,
Mother free.
Glory of moonlight dreams,
Over thy branches and lordly streams,
Clad in thy blossoming trees,
Mother, giver of ease

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