Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby boy names with letter B

Indian Hindu Baby names with letter B
I have summed up some good names for Hindu boys names which are modern and are popular too. I have tried my best to select only the good names, so that you don't get messed up selecting names from the old and outdated names which are now considered lengthy and also boring to call.
Hope you would like some names and as always your suggestions are always welcomed.
Names of Hindu baby boys

  1. Biswajit
  2. Bismay
  3. Bikram
  4. Baadal
  5. Badrinath
  6. Baldev
  7. Brijesh
  8. Brijraj
  9. Bhavin
  10. Bhargav
  11. Bhavya

Some Muslim baby boy names
  1. Bilal
  2. Babar
  3. Badr
  4. Bakht
  5. Bakhtawar
  6. Basir
  7. Burayd (Means Cold, Mind)

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