Saturday, June 29, 2013

Amazing facts about animals in India

  1. Sonepur, Bihar hosts world's largest animal fairs in the world.
  2. Indian Cobra is the most venomous snake in the world.
  3. India has the largest population of cattle herds in the world.
  4. India has the third largest population of sheeps in the world.
  5. India is the 5th country in terms of chicken population in the world, first being the china, second US, Indonesia, Brazil and then India on 5th.
  6. India has the highest number of human rabies deaths in the world around 35000 deaths per year.
  7. Number of Human death by Leopard attack is highest in India.
  8. There are only 400 lions left in the Gir forest of Gujarat.
  9. The great indian rhinoceros are the largest rhinoceroses in the world.
  10. India has around 50 million monkeys.

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