Monday, June 24, 2013

A sensitive story with a sensitive touch Raanjhanaa film review

Kundan (Dhaanush) fell into one sided love with Zoya (Sonam kapoor), but since Kundan belongs to a brahmin family and zoya being a muslim, Zoya's parents don't accept the relation and sends Zoya to Aligarh for higher studies.
Zoya returns completing her studies after 8 years but still Kundan was waiting, expecting Zoya to be the same teenaged girl, who had got some infatuation 8 years ago for him. But Zoya is now a graduate and learned girl and has been in love with Akram (Abhay Deol) of her college in JNU (Delhi). Zoya tries her best to convince Kundan that they are not compatible, because of many reasons, but Kundan who was in true love with Zoya, unable to make a vent in his love for her.
Zoya at last convinces Kundan to help her to get Akram and Kundan do the same, but through a newspaper Kundan came to know about Akram that Akram is not actually Akram(Muslim) but a Hindu guy, Kundan felt cheated and he ruin their marriage, after which Akram gets beaten to death and Zoya too get hospitalized as she tries to commit suicide.
Now for completing the incomplete tasks of Akram who was a student president and had a dream to form his own government, zoya again returns to Delhi. But again Kundan follows her and reaches to Delhi, Zoya gets jealous with Kundan's leadership quality and his success replacing Akram's post and play a bid to get him killed on uniting with the govt of the state.
And now Kundan is dead and Zoya is left alone with no one in her life.
Movie is good with the script and storylines but lacks serious acting and better direction.
Neither Sonam, Dhaanush or Director Anand Rai has worked well, but Zeeshan who has played the role of Kundan's friend (Murari) and Swara Bhaskar who has played a role of foul mouthed Bindiya who is in one side love with Kundan have done justice with their role and needs accolade.
I won't say a must watch, but you can watch for the sensitive story line and sensitive touch to the story through thr sensitive script.

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