Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vaastu Shastra - A Science or Fiction

According to Vaastushastra ,you can keep your head in East or South direction while sleeping.
East direction is suggested as Hindus worship Lord Soorya (Sun) and there is tradition of not showing your feet to someone reverend and the reason behind South direction is Electromagnetic Field.

Researches show that human body has some amount of current in it.
If you touch edges of Ammeter using your fingertips, the needle is moved , this shows that our body has some amount of current across it.This is because blood flows in our body which has electrons in it and current flows in opposite direction of electrons. So, this induces a small amount of current in the human body.
Every substance which has electric charge associated to it, has some magnetic field associated to it due to electromagnetic field.

What is an electromagnetic field? It is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. This is combination of electric and magnetic field.The electric field is produced by stationary charges and magnetic field by moving charges(current).

As every human body has some charge associated with it, it has some magnetic field associated with it with north pole located in head and south pole located in toes.

Now as we know that if we keep a weak magnet in strong magnetic field, with like poles facing each other ,demagnetizes the weak magnet. As shown in the following diagram:-

We Human Beings are weak magnet in comparison of earth's magnetic field. So, if we sleep with our north pole i.e. head facing north pole of Earth, it will demagnetize our body which effects blood flow in our body causing different ailments like - Low BP, High BP, Headache, Foot-ache etc.

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