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Spirituality in terms of humanity

Spirituality in terms of humanity

Before taking you to the world of spirituality, I would like to give a glimpse of one of my favorite quote on Spirituality by ― Steve Maraboli.
“One of the most spiritual things you can do is embrace your humanity. Connect with those around you today. Say "i love you", "i'm sorry", "i appreciate you", "i'm proud of you"...whatever you're feeling. Send random texts, write a cute note, embrace your truth and share it...cause a smile today for someone else...and give plenty of hugs.” 

Exactly, it’s about connecting the dots to serve you and thus serving humanity. It appears as a white snow to my mind, on speaking SPIRITUALITY
Common man fancies a divine power or something religious, rather cosmic on bringing the spiritual topic.
Youngsters these days get repelled by spirituality. Who has time to seek inner self, gain nirvana, attain soulful bliss?
Rohit has to wait at coffee shop for his girl, Riya is busy with her dance class, Jeet is a typical geek and just wants to study!
These are just few Rohit’s, Riya's and Jeet's. There may be so many other on lists, everyone busy with their own life, own way.

Little do we know that SPIRITUALITY isn't something out of the world?
Neither religious, nor like wearing white robe and performing pooja's.
For that matter, a sadhu doing a penance even ain't spiritual (if the inner core ain't pure).

Spirituality is simple. To purify  the spirit within.
You may eat meat, still be spiritual. You may cut the sheep wool still be spiritual. You may even be a prostitute and still be spiritual.
Take Chandramukhi for example. She was a prostitute. No one ever repected her. Her life was a living hell. But that did not stop her from being spiritual.
She was overpowered by the love she had for Devdas, so much that she started adoring him, so much that she worshipped him, so much that her seva(care) became the purpose of her life. It is spiritual in a way, because it helped her find the inner Chandramukhi, the real Chandramukhi. Spirituality helped her clean her inner spirit, be a better woman.

Spirituality has a definition, varying for everyone. Grandparents may fancy spirituality as offering prayers in temples, following traditions, singing bhajans and likes.
And you should respect that too, for it helps keep legacy and virtues alive. Temples have pundits, churches have Fathers', Mosques have Mullas and so Gurudwara too has babaji's. All these scholars have one motto behind preaching, to not be religious but be spiritual and to be spiritual, you have to befriend the spirit within you.

It’s a cakewalk to be spiritual actually.
Spirituality is a questionnaire you play with your conscious.
A questionnaire wherein you know when you are faking the answer, a questionnaire wherein if you justify your conscious, you feel better actually much better.

There is a proverb saying: “How hurtful it can be to deny one's true self and live a life of lies just to appease others.” 
June Ahern.
That is similar to stealing money from dad's pocket to cheating your buddy's girlfriend to copying in the exam to lying to anyone. Your conscious gets pricked all these times.
It is this time of judgment when you have to pass the test and answer the inner core "Yes, I’ve done what was right, that’s spirituality.

Spirituality is anywhere and everywhere. Just like air, you can feel it, but can’t see it.

God is one. Some call him Allah; some others call Jesus, whereas some prefer calling him Bhagwan. This guy (God's just another one of us after all) says that worship just one God. That is enough, rather not expected. Rather be good, do good, Be answerable to your inner conscience. That is spirituality, to purify the spirit within by your good deeds.

Karma demands Sin. Sin of cutting beef for a butcher, Sin of cutting an animal for leather. But if the same butcher serves beef to a needy or if the leather is made into a coat and given to a trembling beggar, then the purpose is served. You've pleased God, because you have answered the spirit within. That the sin had to be done for a reason .A NOBLE CAUSE. That’s spirituality. TO PURIFY THE SPIRIT WITHIN.

Spirituality can be in any form, can be at any occasion, any event, can be attained from anything you do dutifully. One such definition was given by  Kripalvanandji on crying. He said:
“Crying is one of the highest devotional songs. One who knows crying, knows spiritual practice. If you can cry with a pure heart, nothing else compares to such a prayer. Crying includes all the principles of Yoga.” 
 Authored By:- Pooja Prabhu

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