Saturday, May 18, 2013

Facts behind the ritual Ardhya

Many of us know that there is a ritual of giving ARDHYA to soorya daily and also in festivals like MAKAR SANKRANTI, KUMBH MELA, CHHATH.
But do u really know what is the reason behind this spiritual process?
Let me tell u the secret behind why and how saints connected this to our life by using basics of PHYSICS and BIOLOGY.

The basic idea behind ARDHYA is the phenomena of dispersion (PHYSICS) and Chakras,Kundalini Jagran(Meditation and Biology).

What is dispersion? Dispersion is the phenomena in which white light is distributed in bands of different wavelength.

What are Chakras? Chakras, in Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems, are centres of Prana, life force, or vital energy. Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexuses of arteries, veins and nerves.
There are total 21 chakras in our body out of them 7 are major. Their details are on the pic given below.

What is Kundalini Jagran? In yoga, a "corporeal energy", an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force or Shakti, lies coiled at the base of spine i.e. in Mooladhar Chakra envisioned as goddess or sleeping serpent. It is reported that Kundalini Awakening results in deep meditation, enlightment and bliss.

When we give Ardhya to soorya, the solar rays are dispersed into VIBGYOR and fall upon
these chakras in the order they are,i.e. Sahasrara receives Voilet, Ajna receives
Indigo , Vishuddha receives Blue and so on... When these chakras receive
light of their vital form, they are enlightened. One by one enlightment
of these chakras help in KUNDALINI JAGRAN. Which inturn improves overall health and concentration.

How to give ardhya :-1) Stand facing sun.
2) Don't look directly towards Sun this may effect ur retina.
3) With Copper or Brass utensil filled with pure water, offer water to the Sun make sure utensil'S position is above the head.

Authored By:- Sonakshi Gupta

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